Picture Perfect Vs Reality

For this series ‘Picture Perfect vs. Reality’ I have investigated into two representations of one location; “Sudbury”. I have applied image appropriation to compare the picture perfect representation of Sudbury with the use of postcards, with the reality representation with the use of Google maps via street view.

A postcard portrays a well presented and brightly coloured version of a town or city, in order to appear aesthetically pleasing to the public in attempt to promote the area and lure in more tourists to visit. Postcards do not show the real appearance of what the town or city is like to experience in person.

I have combined this idea of the picture perfect image with what the location is actually like in reality. With the use of Google maps I was able to locate a  reality replica of the postcards I found of different areas in Sudbury to match the exact or similar angle, from where the postcards were taken. Then with the use of Photoshop, I was able to create one image containing both representations for viewers to compare and contract  the picture perfect representation of Sudbury with the reality version.