War has been a keen interest of Kelly’s since she was introduced to both World Wars and the Holocaust during her education. Over the years, Kelly has created conceptual landscapes based on remnants that have been left behind as a result of war.

Specifically this series has focused on remnants that have been embedded into landscapes across Britain where bombs had been deployed. Amongst her photographs of bomb craters she has considered other remnants that are also still present in the landscapes. These consist of pillboxes and disused runways/airfields. For Kelly, Bomb craters has stood out the most throughout her project due to these scenes within the landscapes being a rarity and uncommon to come across, unlike pillboxes.

Air forces were used as a main method of attack from British and German tropes. Bomb Craters that are present today represent missed targets by the Germans attempting to hit London and bombs deployed from British aircraft’s before coming into land. Without this knowledge, the viewer may not realise that these photographs reflect traces left behind as a result of war.