Collaboration Project

Abstraction of Dance

This series Abstraction of Dance was produced as a collaboration project with Luke Simpson who is a graphic design/artist in order to produce a series of abstract images that reflect both of our artistic and technical skills. These images portray a sense of presence through a journey that the dancer makes as she performs her routine.These images depict a collection of shapes and figures that reflect both mine and Luke’s work to form an abstract representation of the dancer. This has been achieved by layering Luke’s artistic interpretation on top of the photographs I captured through the lens of my camera. With the use of a long exposure and Luke’s hand drawn interpretation, this combination has formed and created abstract patterns across each image. Luke’s work is made up purely of shapes, forms, colours and textures to imply the effect of movement through an abstract means. The combination of his interpretations and my photographs have produced a set of images that displays movement and has created a distorted representation of the original subject matter.