A Collection Of Memories

For my series A Collection of Memories I have investigated combining Portraits with hand written Documents, I have  produced a series of portraits based on a number of people from the ages of 19 up to early 70’s. The portraits have captured each model holding a photograph which represents a time in their life, these photographs were chosen based on the memory having an impact in their life in either a positive or a negative way. The hand written document explains what the memory is, why they chose this photograph to represent this memory and how it’s has an impact on them when they view the photograph. I have positioned the portrait next to the hand written document. I have used Portra Kodak 160 120 roll film with a Hasselbald 6 by 6 back to capture this square sized negative to maintain a consistency throughout this series, also I have photographed the document and printed other portrait and text to the same square size image.